Can a hot bath solve my problems?

Probably not, but a hot bath can help.

Add some CBD bath bomb with Peppermint  and there's no stopping you!

I have fond memories of my childhood bath tub. I remember the very last time I took a bath with my mom and sister. We had a Brady Bunch style bathroom, connecting mine and my sister's bedrooms. We all squished in the tub until one of us had enough. 

Brady Bunch Bedroom

This memory made me aware that one day bath time with my two sons would end. Knowing that helped me be grateful for each bath, each day. Yes, I bathed them every day as part of their night time routine. Now I feign worry if it goes past three days! I only really worry about them washing their hands when they come home from school or after pooping. The little one is so sneaky about it!

At 10 years old, my older son declared both my 8 year old son and me "gross" and "weird" for still bathing together. Sometimes he still lingered in the bathroom and talked to us while we are in the tub. I relished every second.

Truth time. I'm too cheap to buy bath bombs for myself. When my kids learned about them at a fancy friend's house I quickly whipped out food coloring and convinced them they didn't need pricey bath bombs. But then I started learning about plant medicine, essential oils and oh yes, that I'm allowed to treat myself.

Working retail is not for the faint of lower back and after long days working at street fairs I found that popping a CBD bath bomb in would mean I wasn't physically crippled the next day. Plus, the downtime was good for my mind. I had heard about sensory deprivation tanks and thought that was key for my mental health. But, if you're like me and don't have $100 for a bath, may I offer an alternative?

Fill up that tub with hot water. The kind your kids will whine about being too hot. Otherwise they will get in and screw it all up. Drop in one big CBD bath bomb - or I like to hamix two smalls and stick your head under the water. I like to do this in the dark. Senses deprived. Just me and the sound of a 60 year old building's pipes.

Having a tough time with the kids? Here's what I do:

Put my kids on screens and give them headphones. Tell them to do Duolingo or Sumdog. Once I leave I can't control them. I cannot control my children. So, now that I've done all you can as a parent, I get in while the water is still hot!

Pro Tips

  1. I like to leave the door open because I worry I won't hear my kids when I'm under water. If you're a worry wart like me, you can do a scream test with them while they are in another room and your head is under water. They will love the option to scream. Tell them you only need them to do it once but then after a successful mission let them do it two more times and then be stern - "That was the last time, now go Duolingo." My kids are smart so I wink at them so they know they can go on Fortnite. I'm only human, sheesh.
  2. Be careful with any books you bring to the bathtub. You can put it in a ziploc freezer bag. It will be a bitch to turn pages, but you aren't really there to read.
  3. I once slipped in the tub when I was 14. For 20 years I would know when it was going to rain because of that tailbone ache. You're not 14, please get out of the bathtub slowly and with a wall or bar to support you. Safety first. Vanity second!
  4. Make sure you have a bathmat to step onto and find something to wrap yourself in right away. It’s going to be cold once you get out! I love my super plush robe that is outrageously bright and says "Pink" on the butt. If you don't have one, allow me to google one for you.
  5. If you have a journal give yourself a gold star in there for practicing bonus self care! You are set for this week, now go back to ignoring yourself while selflessly waiting on others.

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