cry in cabs? yep!

Is it normal to cry? I think so.

Cry Like I Mean It

Crying is something we think of as something happens when things are going wrong. What does it mean when we cry while things are going fine?

We humans have some seriously normal habits that we think are weird. Truth, is, there's not much weird out there, just a lot of unknowns. Sure, we are all weirdly special and unique, but unless it has a negative outlook on your health, who the frack cares?

Onto this week's topic, crying. Here's a picture of me crying in the back of a cab. At the time I thought something was wrong, my head came up with all of these ideas that had nothing to do with the reality that my body needed to cry and I felt like I had the space to. I'll admit, I feel good after I cry. I'm not doing it for attention, I'd rather you ignored me, but it's a bodily function and, just like farting, I'm tired of holding it in.

Did you know that tears are a great way to release stress chemicals? Yep, it's true!

Are you judgey about us sensitive criers? Read this article to learn to let go of your fear of a tear-filled companion.

Get ready, because In the wise words of Elsa, I'm letting it go.


PS: When I'm not crying I'm busy doing things like ordering labels for body butter. Did you know that Sticker Mule is amazing? Check them out: custom stickers​!

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