Best Place to Buy CBD in NYC

The Best Place to Buy CBD in NYC IRL

New York has over 9 million people and about as many bodegas. A lot of people come and go in this one of a kind, bustling city and so do many of the fly-by-night CBD shops. I’ve been in this cannabis game for a long time and I can’t tell you how many people have asked me “where’s the best place to buy CBD in NYC?” 

I started off by saying to make sure you get your CBD from a reputable source and to stay far away from bodegas, vape shops, gas stations and any other less-than-reputable sources. I told people to look for a great online brand that speaks to you and does their own formulation (cut out the middle [wo]man) and do a bit of research to make sure they’re legit. Basically, that means check those dang Certificates of Analysis which are gonna tell you if the CBD products you’re buying actually have any CBD in them. Then, try it out! 

“It Was All a Dream”

Eventually, through our own desire to help people find relief with CBD products, we decided to create and distribute our own high-quality CBD products with a continued commitment to using natural ingredients and promoting business practices that respect the Earth and the environment.

The business has been solely online so far, and we have been growing tremendously thanks to our amazing customers like you who have tried our products and come back again and again. Still, as a native and loyal New Yorker myself, I could never get rid of the itch to serve my community in the flesh.

Permanently Popped Up

After all that advice-giving, we kept meeting people who said they wanted to be able to feel and smell the products they were going to buy, but they kept getting burned by their local shop claiming to have the real deal CBD (urgh!). I knew I needed to step in and help. That itch kept growing and I just had to scratch it.

Well after a few years of growing our business online, we are so excited to announce the Popped Bubble has burst onto the streets of New York City. That’s right, Popped.NYC is now the best place for you to buy your CBD products both online and by walking into our new shop. 

The Best Place to Buy CBD in NYC

Located on the Lower East Side at 219 Madison Street, Popped is open and ready for you to walk in. There we can answer any questions you have while giving you a great educational experience on how CBD can help you with your particular ailment. 

We also offer free pickup through our online store, so if you’re the kind of person who wants to shop online or avoid the lines, but still want to be able to get your CBD the same day, this is perfect for you.

So if you’re in New York and new to the Aqua Bubble, stop on by. We love changing people’s minds when they think CBD is a bunch of nonsense. Our best-sellers are our extra strength CBD Body Butter and our CBD patches that offer up to 8 hours of relief. These topicals have already been featured in some pretty big CBD publications, so you know we’re not blowing smoke (at least not that kind).

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