What’s the Best Tasting CBD Oil?

In my conversations with different people, one of the most consistent complaints of anyone who has had the pleasure of consuming CBD tinctures is their hempy and bitter taste and a sometimes unpleasant l aftertaste.

Like me, I am certain many people also are wondering; can’t CBD tinctures just taste better? 

That’s what got us to work at POPPED.NYC. We got tired of the awful-tasting CBD tincture mix we kept getting served and decided to turn the table on its head and make our own – POPPED.NYC CBD Oil Drops.

The Popped.NYC CBD Oil drop which we not only tastes great but is also as effective as any other reputable brand you would find on the market.

Our CBD Oil Drops will fulfill your medicinal needs while leaving you feeling good. It’s ideal for people of all ages, both young and old.


The Popped.NYC CBD Oil Drops are deeply satisfying and suitable for all age ranges. Unlike other products that are dissolved in alcohol, our CBD isolate is dissolved in MCT oil and flavored to give it a unique sweet smell and an appealing taste. 

Each bottle contains 1000mg or 500mg strength of CBD isolate (depending on what your body needs based on your natural tolerances CBD and the purpose for which you are using CBD, you can choose from any of the above strengths). Dissolved in MCT oil, the CBD isolate is flavored with peppermint essential oil to give it that great taste and smell that most have come to love.

Our CBD oil drops are even better for those who abstain alcohol or those too young or for health reasons can’t consume alcohol or alcohol-based mixtures. Popped.NYC CBD Oil Drops come in two strengths and with a measured dropper to take the guessing game out of your dosing. Each bottle contains 30mL of premium THC free, gluten-free, and alcohol-free, potent CBD mixture to keep your daily CBD dose within reach. 

The upside  of CBD isolate

Wondering why we chose CBD isolate rather than the other options of broad-spectrum and Full-spectrum CBD? 

Well… we wanted to ensure that you get the full CBD value with every dose. In addition to that, there are some conditions that do not respond well to other forms of CBD when it's not CBD isolate

Also, there are people who might experience adverse reactions when they consume products with THC, no matter how little it might be. For these people and all whose first and only love is CBD, we made the Popped.NYC CBD Oil Drops. CBD isolate is truly amazing at getting the job done. It is non-psychotropic and you avoid  the risk of intoxication.

Below are some more appealing characteristics that informed our choice of CBD isolate:

  • 100% pure CBD availability, increasing the efficacy of the product.
  • Easily absorbable.
  •  Okay for all age ranges.

Popped without Alcohol

Our popped CBD oil drops have the same bioavailability as CBD tinctures made with alcohol but with the added bonus, we made them without alcohol for users who are too young or simply don’t want to consume the alcohol that’s in most tinctures.

Our CBD oil is applied the same way, under the tongue, and absorbed through the blood vessels directly into your system, making it fast-acting, highly effective yet non-intoxicating in any way or form is otherwise known as “sublingually”.

Tingly, minty, and sweet are some of the words that have used to describe our CBD Oil Drops. 

Customers report that every drop is worth the penny spent expressed from the experience of multitude of CBD enthusiasts that have made a switch to our CBD Oil Drops. You too can try it and send us your verdict.

Let us know how you feel? Give it a number on scale of 1-10. We'd love to hear from you. 

Our oil drops are MCT oil. If you have a coconut oil sensitivity let us know and we can come up with an alternative solvent.

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