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Where you get your news is so important. There's a lot more to cannabis legalization than medication. There's years of social injustice, institutionalized racism and a huge money trail to follow. Besides that there is fun, culture, products and so much more. Below are some of the organizations that we believe are run by "the good guys".


BlueDream Radio
The People’s Cannabis Podcast

BlueDream Radio: The People’s Cannabis Podcast -- bringing the cannabis industry back to communities of color. Cannabis is on the precipice of legalization in the United States, hosts Freedom Love and Eli G, demystifies cannabis and makes it accessible for the same communities who have been criminalized for it for decades.
Listeners will embark on a journey through history, music, kitchens, farms, interviews with industry leaders, and together we will end the taboo around cannabis, and build generational wealth.
As cannabis is slowly legalizing throughout the United States, communities of color are being left behind. Blue Dream Radio seeks to answer questions, demystify and destigmatize cannabis, and teach the same people who have been negatively impacted and criminalized by archaic drug laws, how they can take part in this new “Green Rush” before it explodes.
Blue Dream Radio speaks to folks about the history of cannabis in the United States and throughout the world; cannabis propaganda in media and the arts; medicinal benefits of cannabis; ways to infuse cannabis into food; how to break into the legalized cannabis industry; and how black and brown women are leading the charge.


Discover new cannabis-related products and services, shared by connoisseurs, entrepreneurs, and brands. Come be our Bud and start seeding your favorite products or something you invented.

We provide an exciting compilation of online resources to discover and learn how the beauty industry is leveraging cannabis as the new “it”ingredient in cosmetics and skincare.

We cover many topics including:   

  • Culture
  • Business and legal regulations 
  • New products and product development 
  • Wellness and lifestyle.

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