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Employment Opportunities

Before we can grow as a company we need to take some time to assess how far we have come in a short while. After we do that we can see where we need help and where we are strong. 
In my opinion everyone should go through all of the things we do to understand our processes. So, visit the kitchen on a day the butter is made, come to a sales call for wholesale and retail, be a customer. Popped is a magical place but we work hard AF.
We want to work with people we really like. You know, for the most part. Remind me to show you this article about how having a nemesis is healthy and normal.
Anywho, when we are ready to hire people we will want to know
1) what you are good at (and do you like it?)
2) what do you really love to do? (even if you're not good at it)
3) what do you really want to do going forward (even if you have no idea about it)
4) what you are learning right now?
Give examples, it can be personal or professional. Keep it short and sweet, we want to know you are an effective communicator. We love media, it doesn't have to be an essay!