What is CBD isolate? And why do we use it?

CBD Isolate is the molecule all by itself - isolated!

Some people can't tolerate other cannabinoids, some don't like the feeling, and others can't partake for religious beliefs, drug interactions, or employment concerns. So, this is great for those who want to zoom in on what CBD does.

What is CBD isolate?

Isolate is the way we are used to getting our medicine - the FDA requires one drug for one purpose. Think of over the counters like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or our favorite example, vitamins. You can get a multi-vitamin to improve your overall health, but if you have a particular issue you choose a particular vitamin.

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and we are just beginning to know what other cannabinoids can do. So, you might not want them all, or you might. The important thing to know is that you have a choice and that with the right knowledge you can inform yourself what works best for your body.

Why does Popped.NYC use CBD isolate?

We first started making the body butter during the hazy days of CBD legalization so isolate was where we felt safe in the space as a business - and as parents. During that time we found that those new to CBD are more comfortable with a THC free product. Popped.NYC is committed to full plant education and plan to launch a full spectrum line while staying true to our isolate roots. We know that CBD works best when combined with THC, but there are many reasons why that doesn’t work for others - from chemical sensitivities to valid employment concerns.

We plan to continue with our beloved formula (yep, we have references!) and add a full spectrum – and even ratio blends – as we grow and legalization expands.

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