Does Coughing Get You Higher? Myth or Reality

Does Coughing Get You Higher? Myth or Reality

Coughing is a familiar, yet somewhat perplexing, side effect for many marijuana users, leading to a range of theories and speculations about its impact on the experience of getting high. Some individuals argue that a good coughing fit can intensify the high, while others view it as an unwanted response to smoke inhalation. The relationship between coughing and cannabis consumption is complex, with various factors at play, and it's a topic that merits a closer look to separate fact from fiction and understand what's really happening in our bodies during these moments.

In this article, we're going to explore the physiological aspects of coughing in relation to marijuana use, examining why it occurs and how it might influence the overall experience. When you smoke marijuana, the lungs react to the smoke, particles, and heat, often resulting in a cough. But does this coughing serve a purpose beyond clearing the airways? And more importantly, can it actually alter the intensity of your high? We'll delve into these questions, offering insights and explanations to provide a clearer picture of the cannabis cough conundrum. So, stay with us as we navigate through the smoke and unravel the mysteries of coughing while getting high.

Is It Normal to Cough While High?

Coughing during or after smoking marijuana is a common occurrence for many users, and it is generally considered a normal response. The smoke from marijuana, like that from any other substance, can irritate the throat and lungs, leading to a coughing reaction. This is the body's natural way of clearing out any irritants from the respiratory system. Additionally, the heat from the smoke can also play a role in triggering a cough. For new or infrequent users, the coughing might be more pronounced as their bodies are not as accustomed to the smoke. On the other hand, regular users might experience less coughing over time as their bodies adapt to the exposure. 

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How Do You Get Rid of a Stoner Cough?

Managing a cough related to marijuana use often involves addressing the irritation that causes it. Staying hydrated can help, as drinking water can soothe the throat and reduce irritation. Some users find that using a humidifier or inhaling steam have helped them to manage throat dryness and irritation. Additionally, choosing a different method of consumption, such as edibles or vaporizers, which produce a less harsh vapor, might help reduce coughing. Taking smaller hits and not holding the smoke in for too long can also lessen the likelihood of a coughing fit.

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Why Do I Start Coughing When I Smoke?

Coughing when you smoke marijuana is typically a response to the irritation caused by the smoke. The smoke can contain various particles and chemicals that irritate the sensitive lining of the respiratory tract, leading to a coughing reflex. The body’s natural reaction is to expel these irritants through coughing. Additionally, the heat from the smoke can dry out the throat, further contributing to the irritation and the urge to cough. Some people might be more sensitive to these effects, leading to more frequent or intense coughing during or after smoking.

Is It Normal to Get Sick While High?

Feeling unwell or experiencing discomfort while high is not uncommon, especially for those who are new to marijuana or consume a larger than usual amount. This can manifest as nausea, dizziness, or a feeling of unease. The sensation of being too high can be overwhelming for some, leading to a negative experience. In most cases, these feelings are temporary and will subside as the effects of the marijuana wear off. 

What Does It Feel Like When You Get Too High?

Getting too high, also known as “greening out,” can result in a range of uncomfortable symptoms. Individuals might experience intense feelings of paranoia, anxiety, or panic. Physically, they might feel dizzy, nauseous, or experience a rapid heart rate. The sensory perceptions can also be altered, leading to a distorted sense of time, visual and auditory hallucinations, or a heightened awareness of bodily sensations. It’s important to remember that these effects are temporary and will fade as the THC is metabolized by the body.

Why Do Dabs Make You Cough?

Dabbing involves inhaling concentrated cannabinoids in the form of vapor, and this method can often lead to coughing. The concentrates used for dabbing are typically much more potent than flower, and the vapor is inhaled at a higher temperature. This combination of high potency and temperature can be harsh on the throat and lungs, leading to irritation and coughing. Additionally, because the vapor is so concentrated, even a small inhale can deliver a large dose of cannabinoids, which can catch users off guard and trigger a coughing fit.

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Do You Cough More When You Smoke?

Coughing is more common when smoking marijuana as compared to other methods of consumption, such as edibles or tinctures. The act of inhaling smoke exposes the respiratory system to irritants and heat, both of which can trigger coughing. Additionally, the method of smoking – such as using a pipe, joint, or bong – can also influence the likelihood of coughing. For example, using a bong with water filtration might result in less coughing compared to smoking a joint, as the water can help cool the smoke and filter out some of the irritants.

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Understanding The Connection Between Coughing and Getting High

By understanding the relationship between coughing and cannabis consumption, individuals can make more informed choices about their use and find ways to minimize discomfort. Whether it’s staying hydrated, choosing alternative methods of consumption, or exploring CBD products, there are several strategies that can help create a more pleasant experience.

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