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Can You Smoke CBD? A Comprehensive Guide

Back in the day, puffing out magnificent smoke clouds was a right reserved for THC smokers. But times have changed; now, people can smoke their CBD. 

What is CBD? It’s an active chemical found in cannabis plants that affects the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates our moods, appetites, pain management, and sleep.   

While most people tend to pop a flavored CBD gummy or lather on creams, smoking CBD is becoming a more popular consumption method. 

What is Smoking CBD? 

When it comes to CBD, there’s no shortage of consumption options. 

CBD comes in many states; it can be infused into delicious, fruity gummies, can be integrated into soothing, earthy body butters, or can be smoked from CBD flower buds and vape cartridges. 

If you're more of a flower gal or guy, you can buy CBD cigarettes (aka CBD pre-rolls) or just regular CBD buds to grind and roll yourself. 

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Smoking CBD vs. Smoking Marijuana 

Don't feel down if you’re up in smoke (yes, pun intended) about the difference between CBD and THC. It’s too easy to confuse the two since CBD and THC are active compounds in the cannabis plant (alongside about 100 other compounds). 

The big difference? CBD and THC activate separate receptors in the brain, which generates different effects within the body. 

THC attaches to the CB1 receptors in the brain, which are responsible for the sensation of being high. On the other hand, CBD attaches to CB2 receptors, which creates a relaxing effect without causing intense feelings of euphoria or hallucinogenic effects.

Activating both CB1 and CB2 stimulates the ECS, which regulates body functions like sleep, mood, appetite, inflammation, and more, but with CBD, you only enjoy the stimulated ECS without feeling traditionally high. 

Benefits of Smoking CBD 

Even without research, anecdotal evidence backs up just how much CBD can help regulate your emotional and physical health.

That’s because CBD binds to brain receptors and kickstarts our ESC system, which can help with the following: 

There are specific benefits to smoking CBD as opposed to eating it, drinking it, or putting it on your skin. 

For example, inhaling the smoke enters your bloodstream much faster than other CBD methods. So, if you’re looking for potent effects that hit your system fast, consider smoking CBD.   

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Side Effects of Smoking CBD 

While you cannot fatally overdose from CBD, you can develop dry mouth, dizziness, diarrhea, reduced appetite, nausea, drowsiness, and fatigue if you smoke too much.

The good news? Taking a few days off will lower your tolerance and quickly eradicate those nasty side effects. 

However, there might be long-term effects of smoking CBD. Some experts worry that liver damage may occur since our livers kick into overdrive the more substances we introduce to the body.

And when you smoke any substance, smoke inhalation damages throat cells and increases the chances of developing cancer. Conversely, since CBD and THC may have anti-cancer properties, the risk of developing lung cancer is much lower than smoking cigarettes. 

Meanwhile, preliminary studies show that CBD might negatively interact with alcohol, antidepressants, antihistamines, blood thinners, and other medications. If you’re on any medication, speak with your doctor before regularly consuming CBD. 

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How to Smoke CBD 

Smoking CBD flower is very similar to smoking THC. Grind the CBD flower, then roll it into a joint, pack it in a bowl, or light it up in a bong. And for all you vapers out there, you can purchase some great CBD vape cartridges.

Feeling creative? If you’re low on gear, you can turn an apple into a home-made bong --- just be sure not to eat it after. 

CBD has two main strains: Indica and Sativa.

Indica is much more mellow and relaxes the body, so it's ideal for those seeking relief from chronic pain and insomnia. Sativa, on the other hand, is more energizing. 

CBD Dosage for Smoking

When you buy CBD, the dosage should be allocated to the packaging. If it’s not, typically, people smoke around .03 grams of CBD each session.

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CBD Smoking Precautions 

It's no secret that CBD is a bit new to the scene, and American legislation still has some catching up to do. As a result, different states have different laws on CBD purchase, possession, and use. Make sure to understand the laws in your state prior to purchase. 

When you buy CBD, it’s essential to store it in a dry, dark area, as exposure to oxygen, light, and temperature can alter its effectiveness. 

Be aware that some manufacturers can be...sketchy. There's little to no oversight over CBD products and CBD in general. That means it's up to you to research the company to ensure the product is quality. 

Where to Buy CBD Products 

If you live in a state where CBD products are legalized for recreational use, there should be plenty of opportunities to purchase them. 

Most patrons visit local dispensaries, but you can also buy products from online retailers. 

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Is smoking CBD legal?

Smoking CBD is legal in some states, like California, New York, Colorado, and Maine. Be sure to check your state guidelines to ensure your CBD use is on the up and up.

How long does the effect of smoking CBD last?

Typically, users feel the effects last between two to six hours. Of course, it depends on the potency, tolerance, and brand. 

How often can you smoke CBD?

You can smoke CBD as often as you’d like; just be aware of specific side effects that may occur if you smoke in excess, like dry mouth or dizziness.

Can you smoke CBD with other substances?

Because CBD is a biologically active compound, it can react negatively with other substances, like antipsychotics, antidepressants, and antihistamines. When in doubt, consult with your doctor.

Light 'Er Up 

Smoking CBD is becoming a more popular form of consuming CBD, and it's easier to see why. Users feel the effects faster and find it a more relaxing way to consume CBD. Just make sure you check with your physician first to make sure it's the right choice for you.

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