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CBD Oil Drops | 500MG Regular Strength Formula

CBD Oil Drops | 500MG Regular Strength Formula

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CBD Oil Drops that smell, taste and work great!

Have you ever tried CBD drops that taste like hemp? If you're not into that, we have a solution. Our CBD is not hempy and essential oil gives your mouth a minty finish.

Use our signature method to take it:

  1. How do you feel? Give it a number from 1-10. 
  2. Shake the bottle 
  3. Fill dropper to desired amount. (Recommended 1mL, dropper is labeled)
  4. Squeeze all liquid under tongue.
  5. Close mouth and sing a happy tune.
  6. Absorb / swallow remaining liquid.
  7. Later... think about how you feel and judge the improvement. 

Popped.NYC oil drops comes in two strengths and with a measured dropper to take the guessing game out of your dosing.


Regular, 1 oz, 500 mg | 1mL dropper = 16.67mg
Extra 1,000 mg | 1mL dropper = 33mg

Each bottle contains 30 1mL dose 
Questions about dosing? Drop us a line!

Ingredients: MCT oil, CBD isolate, peppermint essential oil

Third-party lab-tested. THC FREE.

Behind the Aqua Bubble:

Isn't it called a tincture? Well, we know that's what everyone is calling it, but we don't buy into marketing jargon and misinformation. According to Merriam-Webster and our nerdy science-y friends, the primary definition of a tincture is that it is alcohol-based. Our oil drops are MCT oil. If you have a coconut oil sensitivity let us know and we can come up with an alternative solvent.

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