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How Long Do CBD Gummies Last?

CBD is becoming increasingly popular, with 14% of Americans having tried CBD products. Among these products, CBD gummies are a tasty and practical option, particularly for those new to CBD.

However, some people try CBD but give up too soon due to high expectations and impatience with the delayed onset of its effects. To get the most out of your CBD, it's crucial to understand when it kicks in and how long it lasts.

If you want to feel the full effects of CBD, you need to understand the timeline of when it kicks in and how long it lasts. Here is your thorough guide to the CBD timeline.

How Long Do CBD Gummies Last?

Many factors determine how long the effects last, and each one is important to understand. Here are the most important ones in no particular order. 


You may think that the larger your dosage of CBD is, the longer the effects will last. Taking a more significant amount of CBD will mean the compound stays in your system longer. 

However, you may not experience the impact of 30 milligrams of CBD for twice as long as those of 15 milligrams. If your CBD is low quality, you may experience short effects. Drinking a lot of water will produce urine that can flush CBD out of your system. You can use a dosage calculator to determine how much CBD to take. 


If you have a fast metabolism, the effects of your gummies will not last very long. It’s hard to estimate how long the effects may last, but you may only feel them for a few hours. However, you will experience the effects sooner, possibly 15 minutes after taking the CBD. Younger people have faster metabolisms, so the older you get, the longer your effects may last.

Body Weight

People with a higher body weight may need a higher CBD dosage to experience the same effects as other people. They may also need more time to feel the effects. However, depending on their metabolism and other factors, they may feel the effects just as long as people with a lower body weight. 

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Some people develop a tolerance to CBD after years of using it. As a result, they may need to take a higher dosage to feel the same effects they did previously. Tolerance varies from person to person. Some people do not develop tolerance, and others take years to build it. 

Gummy Ingredients and Formulation

The higher the quality of your gummy ingredients, the longer your effects will last. Exposing your gummies to heat and light can degrade the ingredients, making them less potent. If your gummy has broad-spectrum CBD, the effects will be stronger and longer because the ingredients produce the entourage effect.


If you already have food in your stomach, the gummy will take longer to activate because you must first digest the food. However, you will absorb CBD more slowly, so your effects may last longer. Eating CBD gummies takes longer than swallowing CBD oil; when you place oil underneath your tongue, CBD can enter directly into your bloodstream. 

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The Timeframe for How Long CBD Gummies Last

Now that you understand the factors that go into CBD efficacy, you can get estimates on how long your effects will last. Let’s break things down into a few categories. 

Time Until They Kick In

Gummies must travel to your digestive tract before you can feel anything. If you have a slow digestive system or metabolism, you will not feel the effects for some time. CBD then must travel into your bloodstream and circulate, which will take longer if you have a weak heart or a larger body.

You can expect to feel your gummies kicking in within two hours of eating them. However, most people will experience the effects far sooner than that, possibly as early as 30 minutes after consuming them. 

How Long the Effects Last

Once CBD enters your bloodstream, you will start to experience its effects. If you already have a tolerance for CBD, the effects may not last long, and you may not experience any effects at all if the dosage is low. However, if you have high-quality CBD and do not have a tolerance, you may experience effects for six hours or more.

You may feel relief from pain for several hours. However, the pain can resurface if you exercise or strain yourself too much. When you consume gummies, take them in a relaxing environment and give yourself time to rest so you feel their full effects.

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What Is the Half-Life of CBD?

Scientists are currently determining what the half-life of CBD is. Studies have found that the half-life can be anywhere from two to five days after someone consumes edibles.

Several factors impact the half-life. Low-quality ingredients degrade sooner. A higher metabolism will break CBD down quicker. Studies reach different conclusions about the half-life, so it’s hard to find an exact estimate for it. For now, you can assume that it will take several days for your body to flush CBD out of your system, though you will not experience effects for this long.

Recommendations for CBD Gummy Dosages

If you’re a first-time CBD user, start small with your dosages. Some gummies have as long as five milligrams of CBD, which is strong enough that you can feel mild effects. Start with five milligrams and work up as you develop a tolerance.

Some gummies have 15 milligrams, which is good if you’re looking for long-lasting effects. Fifteen milligrams are also a good dosage if you’re used to CBD. 

Many companies make gummies with 25 milligrams or more of CBD. They usually advise you to take half a gummy, wait an hour, and then take the other half if you don’t feel any effects. Follow a company’s product recommendations and read customer reviews to see how people have consumed the products and improved their health.

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The Importance of Third-Party Testing

Many companies run tests on their products to determine their quality. These tests can be helpful in determining whether you should buy a product, but they have flaws. The testers are often company employees who may be biased or inexperienced. Recent tests have shown that the purity of many popular CBD products is low, making them ineffective.

Third-party testing involves scientists who do not work for the companies they are testing. You will have more accurate information. Popped NYC uses third-party testing for all products. Our products contain CBD isolate with no THC, creating a purer CBD experience. 

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How Long CBD Gummies Last Is Determined by Many Factors

It is tough to estimate how long your gummies will last. No one factor affects the duration more than any other. The dosage level and quality of ingredients as well as your metabolism and tolerance, play a role on an equal level to each other. 

Purchase products with high-quality ingredients that have been third-party tested. Ease your way into using CBD, starting with small doses and working your way up. Do not have any expectations for the effects you will have. Just try to enjoy the experience and get the most you can out of it.

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