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CBD for Moms: A Natural Solution for Stress Relief

Being a mom is a tough job. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a downright liar. When dealing with a job this tough, any little bit helps. 

Luckily for all moms, CBD can be the little help you need. You may have heard of the litany of CBD products' helpful effects and potential uses. However, did you know many of these helpful effects and uses are specifically good for moms? 

We’ll be exploring some of these today. From natural stress relief to natural pain relief and plenty more, read on to see what CBD can do for you. 

CBD for Natural Stress Relief

Being a mom isn’t just tough; it is stressful. Most people are stressed out just dealing with their own problems but dealing with all the problems presented by one or more additional people is unreal. 

To make matters worse, stress can actually reduce your ability to parent your children effectively. Have you ever forgotten what you were doing because you had so much going on or missed out on something your child was telling you because you were too stressed to even think straight? Do you ever feel like you’re not mentally “there” when your kids need you because you’re too stressed to focus? These problems hit every mother out there and result from stress. 

Unfortunately, these problems go on to spawn other problems. All these problems give you more to stress about, which causes more problems, which causes more stress, eventually leading to an awful downward spiral. Before too long, you may feel like you simply can’t find any escape from the stress, even when you actually have some time to yourself. 

However, CBD can potentially help with stress. Helping to alleviate this problem helps reduce the problems that pop up as a result of stress. This can have a cascading effect that leads to naturally stress-free parenting. 

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CBD for Pain Relief

Not all parenting problems and parenting stress are mental. Many times, it is physical as well. The everyday aches and pains that come with motherhood are plentiful. Your body is still recovering from pregnancy when it is pushed to its absolute limit carrying around a baby, running from room to room, taking care of the baby, and trying to keep up with everything else you must do. 

CBD helps here as well. Many people choose CBD specifically for its ability to deal with pain. 

Some people choose to take CBD supplements to help deal with pain all over their bodies. This can help many mothers who may not have a specific source of pain but a general feeling that their body is being pushed beyond its limits. These exist as powerful oils or gummies. 

Meanwhile, some pain is more specific. Hunching over all day and carrying your baby around can hurt your back or stress-specific muscles. Luckily, more direct solutions are available as well. Topical treatments, like CBD body butter, can be applied directly to the area that hurts for targeted relief. 

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CBD For Period Pain

Many types of pain come with motherhood. However, one pain that every mother is familiar with is period pain. The pain from a period can range anywhere from seriously inconvenient to downright debilitating. This is one extra stressor on top of the pile of stress that is motherhood. 

Luckily, CBD can be used to deal with period pain. This compound's anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can potentially reduce pain associated with period cramps. So, even if you don’t take CBD regularly, you can keep it around when that time inevitably hits. 

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CBD to Sleep Stress Away

We’ve already talked about the vicious cycle that stress starts up. However, another vicious cycle is kicked into high gear when stress shows its ugly face. This cycle directly competes with another cycle: the sleep cycle. 

Stress can make it harder to get the sleep that you need. Getting less sleep then leads to more stress. As you can probably guess, these problems work as a tag team to generally make life more difficult. 

However, the problems relating to parenting join in on this tag team and make it a whole group effort. The stress of motherhood adds stress, which makes sleep more difficult. Meanwhile, the demands of motherhood, like dealing with a crying baby in the middle of the night, mean that sleep is already at a premium and, thus, adds stress. Overall, it feels like motherhood was perfectly designed to rob you of your sleep while piling on stress at the same time. 

The upside here is that finding a way to break the cycle prevents it from feeding into itself. We’ve already talked about how CBD can fight stress directly and help you get a good night’s sleep. Many people take CBD for its soothing and sedative effects. When taken before bed, this can lead to better sleep. 

However, it is worth noting that the sedative effects of CBD kick in when it is taken in larger doses. In smaller doses, it actually promotes wakefulness. So, make sure you consider how much you are taking and do plenty of research before you start to rely on it fully. 

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What Types of CBD Work for Mothers?

When it comes to CBD for moms, make sure to look for products you can trust. Pick a company that will be there for you and that cares about making you healthier, like Popped.NYC. 

In addition, choose products that will work for you. If you need quick relief, you will feel the effects of an oil faster than a gummy. However, if you want something easy to take and that tastes good, too, a gummy will work just fine.

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CBD For Moms

Moms have plenty of use for CBD products. Whether you need a break from stress, need relief from pain, or just want to get a good night’s sleep, CBD can help. Ultimately, this allows you to be happier and, thus, a better parent.

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